Gold Sport s.r.l. is the leading consulting sport agency in the volleyball scenario.

Founded by Dr Donato Saltini, Gold Sport's work begun in the early nineties; immediately recognized as the most qualified testimonial at the European level, thanks to its deep knowledge of the Italian and international market, to its large number of clients and, most of all, for its competence and reliability shown across twenty years of work experience with the most prestigious clubs and athletes.

Marketing research, contractual protection, insurance and legal assistance and particularly athletes' promotion and image care are Gold Sport's 
main activities, together with an active role in the world of sport business with operations related to the sponsor of athletes, Clubs and Federations.

Gold Sport can provide constant monitoring of all the Italian parquets and direct participation to all the national and international volleyball events with a qualified responsible for each category of the volleyball championship (A1, A2 and B division). In fact our female athletes star in the top teams of the world's most important divisions such as: Azerbaijan, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Germany, Brasil, Puertorico, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Turkey. That is why we are placed at the volleyball highest level, nationally and internationally, for entrepreneurial and relational skills, economical turnover and number of clients.

The matching between Top Players such as: Naz Aydemir Akyol, Adenizia, Celeste Plak, Maja Ognjenović, Caterina Bosetti, Lucia Bosetti, Jovana Stevanovic, Valentina Diouf, Nadia Centoni, Aury Cruz, Antonella Del Core, Samanta Fabris, Francesca Ferretti, Helena Havelkova, Margareta Kozuch, Eleonora Lo Bianco, Sarah Pavan, Tabi Love, Stefania Sansonna, Maja Poljak, Giulia Rondon, Elitza Vasileva, Kathleen Weiss, Federica Stufi e giovani dal fulgido e sicuro futuro quali: Paola Egonu, Isabelle Haak, Britt Herbots, Rhamat Alhassan, 
Héléna Cazaute, Alexa Gray, Ofelia Malinov, Sara Bonifacio, Daly Santana, Anna Danesi, Anastasia Guerra, Beatrice Parrocchiale, Marina Lubian, Elena Pietrini, Camilla Mingardi, Lana Scuka, Hanna Orthmann, Rachele Morello, Sofia Monza demonstrates the highest level of management of the agency and the ability to select new talents who will become the big volleyball in the near future.

Gold Sport also guaranties assistance to coaches, including Giovanni Guidetti, Giovanni Caprara, Marcello Abbondanza, Massimo Barbolini, Luciano Pedullà, Alessandro Beltrami, Andrea Pistola, Luca Secchi, Giulio Bregoli, Mauro Chiappafreddo, Avital Selinger, Luca Cristofani.




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